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Get merit-scholarships

by improving 150-300+ points on the SAT

Be attractive to your top schools

A high SAT score will make your child much more attractive to his or her target schools.  

Cultivate Long-Term Success

By supporting students to master the SAT, I help students cultivate the same habits that will make them successful in anything they do.  

Become Your Best Self

Learn techniques of self-inquiry to find your real sources of inspiration and motivation in order to live a life of fulfillment and joy as well as financial success.

Full-Tuition Scholarships

A high SAT score is also the easiest way to get more scholarship money.  That return on investment is huge.

Improved GPA

I teach students how to study so that the information STICKS.  This results in most students improving their GPA as a result of taking my courses as well.

Make a Difference

I empower your child to take innovative action to solve some problem in their community NOW.   How about something really meaningful on that college application!

Develop Success Habits

The journey from high school to college presents an incredible opportunity to clarify your child’s talents, interests, and purpose while cultivating the study techniques and success habits that lead your family towards fulfillment.  

Reliable Improvements

I am very clear with my students about what leads to improvement and what does not.  I give them a clear path from where they are to where they want to be.

Tons of Support

This course offers access to 120 hours of LIVE support which includes lessons, practice, and one-on-one support for specific questions.

Ambitious and realistic improvements

I focus primarily on teaching those strategies that get your child the most “bang for their buck” and will be usable for the remainder of their lives.   Big score gains come down to mastering fundamentals that matter the MOST.

SAT School Year Masterclass 2020-21

Is your child one course away from a 150-300+ point improvement to his or her SAT score?  To a full-tuition merit-scholarship?  

Meet The Founder

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Thomas Meli

With over 6 years of coaching experience, 500+ hours of nonviolent communication training, and 10 years of teaching experience, I use scientifically proven methodologies to inspire your child to do what it takes to get their target score.

I love the SAT.  I think it is a beautiful exam that challenges students to develop their critical thinking skills, analytical abilities, reading and writing skills, and study habits that lay the foundation of their success for the rest of their lives.

I use empathy to help students accept their own skill level and learning history as a jump off point to going where they want to go. This supports a baseline self-confidence that allows them to believe they can improve and grow.

I create meaningful connections between what students already know and what they don’t know to facilitate gradually increasing mastery of the material. When all of these factors are present, students experience the safety to enjoy their learning journey and the pride that comes from creating great results.

Success Stories

  • Thomas has been tutoring my daughter for the SAT for months. They meet online for an hour once/week. This last time, her score went up 260 points! His easy going nature and great sense of humor make her sessions enjoyable instead of boring. She just got into Harvard! We could not have done it without Thomas!

  • We’ve tried quite a few teachers and very few have impressed my son – Thomas did. With ability to listen, engage and inspire.

  • Thomas is not only a very knowledgeable SAT Tutor. He became a studying mentor to my son. I wish we knew him couple years ago.
    Thank you for your hard work.

  • Thomas is very intelligent, hard working and patient tutor. He can ease students anxieties and will be inspirational for anyone who wants to achieve the goal. His instructions are not only based on comprehension but also on specific study techniques to facilitate the best possible results. If you want your child to succeed don’t hesitate to start tutoring sessions with Thomas. We are so glad we did.