SAT Prep Planning Breakthrough Session

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Create a Realistic & Inspiring Target Score

Most students set their SAT goals too high or too low.  They base their ‘target score’ on the middle range of the first few schools they think about.  This not only leads to a stressful or uninspiring preparation process, it also might direct them towards a school that won’t bring out their full potential.  On the call, we’ll make sure you are totally clear about what your child’s target SAT score should be that is both achievable and inspiring for them.

Create a SAT Study Plan

I’ve watched students “study” by doing random SAT style problem sets from many different resources without being able to retain that information, during random times in the week, with random durations.   This leads to random results and what your child needs is a solid plan to get them from where they are to their target score.

Learn About My Invite-only Summer SAT Intensive

My summer courses are invite-only for a reason: I only work with committed and caring families that I believe I can bring to their goals.  The summer courses are special.  They are a personal development retreat, an SAT prep course, a life-coaching and academic coaching intensive, and even more.  Students’ lives have changed for the better from one summer with me.  If it seems like your child would be a fit for the summer course, I’ll invite you to learn more about it.  If you aren’t a fit, I may suggest alternatives that are more appropriate for where you are. In either case, my intention is to offer profound value to wherever you are.  

One of the most powerful 45 minutes you can spend

I’m committed to helping families that care about environmental and social causes like you empower their children to succeed.  While I believe that it’s much more about the “student and not the college,” I also believe that the journey TO and WITHIN college provides the raw material for children to call the best forth from themselves.  


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