Outstanding Achievements Board

This board is for students that have displayed an incredible amount of effort, creativity, and work towards their college preparation journey.

Students that show inspiring etiquette and do work that makes other people go “Wow!  That is incredible!” will be honored here.

Examples of what qualifies:

  • Completing the online Vocab Intensive course, Grammar Intensive course, and Math intensive course. and reviewing it several times in one month or less.  Then using the “review” feature in future months to maintain mastery of the information and solidify it in your long term memory.
  • Consistently searching out extra homework for a month on their own for every section of the ACT/SAT, doing that work neatly, and then asking me great questions about problems they were having trouble with.
  • Implementing active recall, smart notes, QEC, speed reading, and the memory palace learning techniques in every single one of their classes as well as their test prep journey.
  • Utilizes my online weekend intensive practice, posts questions on the online deep test prep forum, and consistently meets with other students I am tutoring to have study sessions, memrise competitions, and finds ways to support other deep test prep students on their learning journey.