"I wish I knew that as a teen..."

What if your teen could develop the foundations of emotional, financial, and intellectual excellence for long-term success while still in high school?

Did You Know?

Most high school students go to college without having the necessary financial, intellectual, or emotional skills to make the most of their experience?   

Most parents also are increasingly confused about how to contribute their values and the  ‘bigger life lessons’ to their kids because their children may put up resistance to their parents as they are discovering themselves in the teen years?

In other words, parents want their kids to have great financial habits, emotional resilience, and clarity about who they are, but they feel increasingly unable to contribute these valuable life skills to their kids because their teens are trying to define themselves as distinct from their parents.

What Joining the Life Prep Mentoring Masterclass Will Do For You

Cultivate Financial Skills

Learn and put into practice the most important principles of money management, monthly financial planning, saving, and more.

Develop Emotional Strength

Develop deep “emotional intelligence” so that your relationships with others and relationship with yourself is harmonious and getting better over time.

Explore Higher Life Purpose

Explore the intersections of your skills, passions, interests, and what the world needs (and what it is willing to pay for!).  Learn how to pursue a profession that isn’t threatened by being replaced by artificial intelligence.

Build Your Resume

Take on a project that will be meaningful for you and impact your community positively.  This project will have you learning project design skills, self-management, communication, and networking skills.  It is also a fantastic resume builder.

Which of these 3 challenges have been preventing you from deciding on support for your child?

Will Online Mentoring Work?

Are you unsure about whether online courses are as effective as in-person mentoring?

Will my child take advantage of it?

Are you uncertain of whether your child will make use of the service after you invest in it?  Do you wish they were more focused and consistent with their work?

Information Overload

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information on which ‘parenting style’ is best or how to be a good influence on your child?

If any of these have been holding you back

It’s not your fault

Questionable educational advice is everywhere

Parents are exposed to conflicting information about the best ways to influence their children positively.

Teens are more distracted than ever

Smartphones and technology have their benefits, but have also led to a more distracted work environment than ever.

Teens either have too much support or too little.

True mentoring says: “first we do it together, then I watch you do it and give you feedback, then you do it on your own.”

Parents want to help, but how?

You have done a great job so far, but you want to know how to expand your influence and help prepare your teen for the responsibilities of their adult years ahead.

How I empower teens and parents to bring their best selves to each other and their future.

Hi, I’m Tom.

After working for 10 years in various mentoring, teaching, and tutoring opportunities, I developed a system for helping adolescents cultivate self-connection, efficient work habits, and transform their academic experience into an opportunity to bring out their best selves.

I also coached adults for over 5 years in how to improve their relationships with their kids and use conflicts and challenges as opportunities to grow.  

It was when I was in my early 20’s that I started learning everything I wish I knew as a teen.  Not having these skills really set me back.  I managed my finances poorly, I was emotionally fragile, and I didn’t have a long-term roadmap for my life.  I invested thousands of dollars into getting trained to make up for these deficiencies and I turned them into strengths that have transformed my life.  

When I connected with other people (especially parents), many of them had similar stories and really wanted to give them the education they wished they had.

I own it as my mission to share these skills with others and to co-create a community where our personal growth journeys are consistently supported and celebrated.

Success Story: Karin - Started her own business, got full-tuition scholarship, and poised to make a huge impact.

Not only did Karin improve 300 points on her SAT, but I also helped her start a tutoring business as a high-school student where she makes much more than minimum wage and does something she really enjoys.

I sat down with her family and explained the power of getting a full-tuition scholarship to get financially ahead after graduating.  They loved and it committed to it.  She received a full-tuition scholarship at Macaulay Honors College in New York City and is considering a law degree to protect the environment and disadvantaged social groups.  

Karin and her family were the first family I worked with that blended SAT tutoring and life coaching over the long-term.  I’m excited to create a program where this kind of result can happen more often for more families.

What Are Parents and Students Saying?

Your child could be one online course away from building a solid foundation of success habits for the rest of their life

More Personal Responsibility

Your child will start living with more responsibility for creating what they want.

Skills to Overcome Challenges

You and your child will upgrade your capacity to deal with disappointment, failure, and setbacks and turn those moments into stepping stones to reach your goals.

Win-Win Mindset

Learn the skills so that your needs and your child’s needs can both be met with strategies that work for both of you.

Presenting... The Life Prep Mentoring Masterclass 2019-2020

Creating the foundations for success and fulfillment for the rest of your life.

Module 1
Visioning, Project Brainstorming, and Life Design

How to use everything that happens as an opportunity to design your highest life.

  • Uncover the true motives and drives that will inspire you to put the work in.
  • Learn the 3 practices to transform doubt and test-taking anxiety into confidence and competence.
  • Create empowering practice routines that break the cycle of procrastination.
  • Transform your weaknesses into strengths with a simple step-by-step process.

Module 2
Learning From Failure – How Grit and a Growth Mindset Create Success


  • The 3 most important questions to learn from temporary defeats and turn them into insights.
  • What skills account for the highest rates of long-term success and how you can cultivate them in your daily life.
  • How to calibrate your mindset so that you are consistently ‘pulled’ towards growing and learning through joy.


Module 3: 
Empowering Communication: Words as a doorway to your best self

  • Learn how to use communication skills to transform your relationships, empower others, and improve your self-talk.
  • Turn every experience into something that clarifies your mission and purpose by committing to using self-responsible and empowering language to describe your experience.
  • Get your needs met more effectively by thinking in terms of “essence” instead of form.

Module 4:
Financial Skills Foundations

  • Learn the most important financial habits and money mindsets to long-term wealth creation.
  • Create a monthly, seasonal, and annual financial plan with your family.
  • Creating a no-debt-after-college plan to start your career strong.

Module 5: 
Executive Functioning Skills Development


• How to increase your stamina for this 3-hour test and maintain focus throughout.
• Avoid the common pacing mistakes that cost students 50-100+ points
• The 3 most important things to consider on test day to call the most from yourself.

Module 6: 
Embracing Your Shadow Side, Integrating Your Higher Self


• How to increase your stamina for this 3-hour test and maintain focus throughout.
• Avoid the common pacing mistakes that cost students 50-100+ points
• The 3 most important things to consider on test day to call the most from yourself.

Module 7: 
Using Conflict to Create Harmony: Emotional Resilience Part 2


• How to increase your stamina for this 3-hour test and maintain focus throughout.
• Avoid the common pacing mistakes that cost students 50-100+ points
• The 3 most important things to consider on test day to call the most from yourself.

Module 8: 
Cultivating a Professional Presence Through Exploring Life Purpose


• How to increase your stamina for this 3-hour test and maintain focus throughout.
• Avoid the common pacing mistakes that cost students 50-100+ points
• The 3 most important things to consider on test day to call the most from yourself.

Module 9: 
Networking Skills For Teens


• How to increase your stamina for this 3-hour test and maintain focus throughout.
• Avoid the common pacing mistakes that cost students 50-100+ points
• The 3 most important things to consider on test day to call the most from yourself.

Module 10: 
The Habit of Going The Extra Mile


• How to increase your stamina for this 3-hour test and maintain focus throughout.
• Avoid the common pacing mistakes that cost students 50-100+ points
• The 3 most important things to consider on test day to call the most from yourself.

Module 11: 
Capstone Project – Actualizing Your Vision Resume


• How to increase your stamina for this 3-hour test and maintain focus throughout.
• Avoid the common pacing mistakes that cost students 50-100+ points
• The 3 most important things to consider on test day to call the most from yourself.

Module 12: 
Integration: Overcoming the trap of success without fulfillment


• How to increase your stamina for this 3-hour test and maintain focus throughout.
• Avoid the common pacing mistakes that cost students 50-100+ points
• The 3 most important things to consider on test day to call the most from yourself.

And that’s not including the value of the the study skills and success habits your child will form during the program that will make them more successful at their future academics and career.

The return of investment over the rest of your child’s life is immeasurable.

Here are just a few of the Essential ways the SAT Masterclass is unlike any other course or program

Absolute Commitment to Your Child's Success

Short of making the student sit down and do the work, I am doing everything in my power to help students succeed.  This means world-class support, not just in hours, but also in quality.   If your child needs a pep-talk, I’m going to get on the phone with them and figure out what they need.   If they are struggling with confidence or anxiety, I will coach them through it.   Whatever it takes for your child to achieve their target score, I will do it.

Tons of Live Support

I’ve designed this course for busy students to have enormous access to world-class tutoring support.  This is why I offer 4 hours a week of tutoring for 10 months straight.   This is 200 hours of LIVE support your child has access to which includes lessons, practice, and one-on-one support for specific questions.  I know how much support teen students need to succeed, and I’m not afraid to give my all to help make that happen. 

Most Students don't actually do "at-your-own-pace" learning

The majority of online courses for the SAT are learn-at-your-own-pace programs.  Parents pour money into these programs and then get frustrated when their kids don’t do it.  We know better.  Most teen students thrive with structure, support, and peer momentum to make the most of their time, but they also need enough time to stay on track.  Our course is designed so even if they miss 50% of the classes, they can still accomplish 100% of the work and make huge point-increases.

A Focus on HOW to study for the SAT

Most courses don’t teach students how to actually study for the SAT.  They just give them the content and expect them to know the best ways to learn it.

I teach not just the content, the rules, and the material, but also a SYSTEM for HOW to study it for long-term retention and understanding.

Cultivating the "Inner Dimension" of Test Prep Success

Many courses don’t provide support for the mindset or inner dimension of succeeding on the SAT.  Students may do extremely well in practice settings, but not so well on the real SAT.

I offer your child extremely powerful but underutilized resources to combat testing anxiety and cultivate inner-confidence that make a real difference come test day.

Mastering The Most Important Strategies

Most courses and books teach a ton of strategies that are nice in principle but don’t actually make a big difference in the student’s bottom line, or they teach strategies that ONLY matter for the SAT but will be dropped after the test.

On the other hand, I focus primarily on teaching those strategies that get your child the most “bang for their buck” and will be usable for the remainder of their lives.   Big score gains come down to mastering fundamentals that matter the MOST.  

If you are unsure you want to apply to our program

Here are 3 Guarantees You Can Take With You

Guarantee 1:
This will work for your child even if he or she doesn’t have a superhuman work ethic.

While of course the more your child puts into the course, the better his or her results will be (as is with most things in life), this system is designed to help your child achieve a 150-300 point increase in 4 months in the most efficient way possible, without requiring your child to sacrifice time on school, personal interests, or a healthy social life.

Guarantee 2:
This will work for you even if your child has already practiced for the SAT

Even when students have practiced for the SAT or studied with other SAT tutors before, I still am able to help them get point gains of 150-300 or more within 3 months of intensive classes through following this system. 

Guarantee 3:
If we are not highly confident your child will succeed with our program, we will recommend a different one.

Your child needs to already be a pretty good student to make the most of this program.  That is why we start the enrollment process early and get to know the families we are working with before admitting students into the program.  We will take you through our discovery call process to help you create a plan with your child to assist them in getting the point gains they need.   If we aren’t highly confident we can get your child the gains we know are possible, we will admit that upfront and make a suggestion we feel is more appropriate.  It’s about finding a good fit, not about selling everyone into our programs.


I’ve got one more guarantee for you

The SAT Strategy Masterclass 1 Month Guarantee

After you apply and are approved, your child has a full 1 month to try the program, attend at least 50% of the classes and complete 100% of the work and if he or she isn’t satisfied, you can email our support team at support@deeptestprep.com, and upon confirming your child’s attendance and completed courseworkwe will issue a full refund.

The reason we need your child’s completed coursework and have an attendance requirement of at least 50% is simple.

We’re completely committed to you and your results, and we only want to work with people who are equally committed to themselves via taking action. 

We devote an immense amount of attention towards ensuring your child’s success and we want them to overcome any obstacles to taking action by inspiring your child to commit to taking action from the very start.

Therefore, since our system is so effective and since it is extremely rare that students don’t get at least a 150+ point increase, we view it as our duty to issue a refund if your child is doing the work but not getting the results. 

Don’t just take my word for it.
Here’s what past students have to say about my programs.


Where and When?

Sept 1 2018 - June 30th 2019

Saturdays 11-1 pm ET, Sundays 6-8 pm ET

Can’t make some most classes?  Schedule conflicts?

No problem

  • Each lesson is recorded.  So whatever you miss, just watch a recording of the lesson a time that does work for you.
  • Does your child need to miss more than a month of the class?  We will pro-rate the price of the cost if your child has to miss large amounts of the course due to an unavoidable scheduling conflict.

  • Pick the content that your child needs to learn the most: If your child is already clear what they are weak and strong at, they can choose the classes that pertain to their weaknesses.
  • Want extra support devising a study plan to fit your complex schedule? – Extra one-on-one sessions are available to do in-depth assessments of your child’s strengths and weaknesses.  

Enrollment Open For 2018

Only $149 a month!

That's 8$ an hour for expert SAT tutoring!

A final note from Tom:

If you’re reading this, then I know you and I have at least one very important thing in common…

You believe that your children can accomplish great things if they get the right support and apply themselves.

And if you’ve made it all the way to the bottom of this page, then you’re probably really interested in helping your child get into their target schools and helping them set up a firm foundation of success for the rest of his or her life.

But you’re also still unsure whether this is the program to help get you there.

Only you can decide that.  But maybe hearing this will help you decide either way…

I see students without expert support try to figure out this complicated journey on their own. 

I see them struggle and make mistake after mistake and start to set themselves on a path of more hardship then necessary, only because no one showed them a better way.

I’ve seen my students learn these study techniques and not only improve 150+ points on the SAT, but also improve their grades and feel confident in themselves for the first time in a long time.

When I was a teen, I didn’t have the guidance and mentors that could have helped me excel and be my best self earlier on.  As a result, even though I was a voracious reader and pursued my own interests, I was mediocre in my academic performance.  

I had to go through transformative crises in my 20’s to recognize how important having mentors around me that would inspire me to reach for the best in each moment.    To realize that excelling at anything was a great teacher for excelling at everything.

I now have coaches, mentors, supports, and guides in my life that help me push past my edges and I can’t imagine how much longer it would have taken me if I tried to do it alone.

I started mentoring teens in the skills that I wish I had been taught when I was young.  The results have been heart-warming and inspiring.

I created this course because I want to increase the number of teens I can impact, both in helping them achieve their SAT score goals, and helping them become their best self in the process.

There’s nothing like this program, and the results I’ve given my students can attest to that.

I can’t take action for you — no one can do that but you — but I have no doubt that if you do the work, you will get the results.  It’s not magic.  It’s the right system.

And once you’re in, you’re in.  This is a true community to support you along the way, and to make sure that you don’t have to do it alone, like I did.  That you don’t have to spend years stuck in the painful place of mediocre performance and knowing your child could have done more.